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New rendering

Rendered with 12000spp – Reinhard tone mapping has been applied after rendering.

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Cosine weighted hemisphere

In the above picture you can see the sampling points from uniform hemisphere sampling. The left images shows cosine-weighted sampling of the hemisphere – the right uniform sampling (both with 100 000 sampling points) The top hemisphere shows cosine-weighted sampling … Continue reading

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A simple Reyes Implementation

Last year I started implementing a naive Reyes renderer. The source code can be found here: I started to program the renderer because I wanted to do a little research project on the Reyes – but after two weeks … Continue reading

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Realistic Image Synthesis Using Path Tracing

Definiton 1: The goal of realistic image synthesis is to render a realistic image that is indistinguishable from a real photograph. The realstic image synthesis test To test if we succeeded in building a system that is capable of rendering … Continue reading

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