A simple Reyes Implementation

Last year I started implementing a naive Reyes renderer. The source code can be found here:


I started to program the renderer because I wanted to do a little research project on the Reyes – but after two weeks I gave it up and started a new one ;). Initially I didn’t plan to publish the source code – so don’t wonder about formatting, code architecture and comments (main.cpp is really bad – but the rest is quit readable ;))- it was hacked together Quick&Dirty – but nevertheless I think it is a good point to get started with a reyes implementation

Especially of great help were the tutorials of Alex:



I also started to read the book “Production Rendering” -I tried to get the code as close to the description in the book as possible. Because of the short time I didn’t managed it to implement an advanced frame buffer or a stochastic hider.

To parse *.rib files I used the parser of Aqsis (http://www.aqsis.org/)

BTW: Once my supervisor told me: “Everything about renderman is perfect – except reyes” – and I think he is right 😉

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2 Responses to A simple Reyes Implementation

  1. guiann says:

    I’m really interrested in this topic, I’d like to see your source code but the link seems broken.

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